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Christophe PoardChristophe Poard © Jérôme Chapman

Hailing from the picturesque town of Cherbourg, Christophe Poard has earned his stripes under the tutelage of some of the most esteemed figures in French culinary artistry. With a culinary prowess that is nothing short of impeccable, Chef Christophe Poard stands as a proven luminary in the gastronomic world. His culinary journey has seen him shape his philosophy and elevate his expertise in the kitchens of renowned Michelin-starred establishments, including Taillevent, La Vieille Fontaine at Maisons-Laffitte alongside François Clerc, Jamin-Paris under the guidance of Joël Robuchon, and the prestigious Grand Véfour in Paris with the illustrious Guy Martin.

Subsequently, in 2016, he assumed the helm of the kitchen at the esteemed Parisian eatery La Truffière before taking charge of the culinary reins at Park 45 in Cannes, located within the iconic Grand Hôtel on the Croisette, in 2018. Finally, in December 2019, he embraced the role of executive chef at the splendid 5-star Château de Dissay, nestled near Poitiers.

Christophe Poard’s culinary journey has been adorned with a multitude of accolades, both in France and Belgium, culminating in a remarkable 17/20 rating in GaultMillau. In a testament to his culinary prowess, he was honored as Chef of the Year in Belgium in 2004. Raised in a family deeply rooted in the world of hospitality and gastronomy, Poard embodies a consummate professionalism that earned him the prestigious European Hotel & Restaurant Award – Honor Award in 2019.

Notably, at the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva, during the 2019 European Hotel & Restaurant Award ceremony, held in partnership with Champagne Collet and graced by Mr. Guillaume Gomez as the permanent Honorary President – President of the association of cooks of the French Republic, Christophe Poard received the distinguished Award for a Lifetime of Gastronomic Dedication. This illustrious evening unfolded within the VIP confines of the Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva in March 2019 and also celebrated luminaries such as Jacques Chibois (for his contributions to the global influence of French gastronomy), Marc Veyrat (for his exceptional mountain-side hotel), and François Delahaye, Chief Operating Officer of Dorchester Collection, who received the European Hotel Award Chief Operating Officer of the Year 2019 trophy, among others.

The European Hotel & Restaurant Awards by References honor individuals whose exceptional qualities, unwavering passion for their craft, and unwavering commitment to excellence have shone a spotlight on the highest standards of European hospitality and gastronomy.

Among the distinguished guests who graced the European Hotel & Restaurant Awards 2019 ceremony were notable figures and luminaries such as Mr. Jan Zahradil (Member of the European Parliament), Mr. Zdenek Rajnis (former Deputy Mayor of Prague), Mr. Christian Nieto de Gea (Honorary Vice-Consul of Monaco in Ibiza), Madame Fabienne Rollandin (World Public Relations of the Glion Institute), Mrs. Hilary Murphy (Lausanne hotel school), Mr. Jérôme Viaud (Mayor of Grasse), Mr. Jacques Chibois (chef-hotelier-restaurateur), Mr. Marc Veyrat (chef-hotelier-restaurateur), Mr. Bertand Glory (Director of Champagne Collet), Mr. Chritoph Steindorf (Director Europe of Diversey), Mr. Philippe Laruelle (De Buyer), and many other luminaries from various walks of life.

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