Basic Rules | European Hotel Awards

1 The European Hotel Awards annually honor outstanding personal and professional achievement in hospitality, gastronomy, luxury tourism and other achievements as provided for in these rules and approved by the Board of European Hotel Awards.

2 The European Hotel Awards are presented at the annual award ceremonies, which are held in different European capitals.

3 The European Hotel Awards are given to 4-star, 5-star and 5-star luxury hotels, also in the Palace categories, as well as to hotel restaurants, renowned gourmet restaurants, hotel spas, or individually, to women and men with a recognized function in these hotels, restaurants or spas. All must be located in European territory for the main awards.

4 After being selected by the Board of European Hotel Awards (see selection rule 7), the future winners are officially informed of the granting of a European Hotel Award in a category that concerns them. In order to validate the granting of this award, the future winners or establishments, represented by one of their leaders, must also agree to receive it and at the same time guarantee their attendance at the evening ceremony. IMPORTANT: The presence of the winners at the ceremony evening is one of the sine qua non conditions for the granting of the European Hotel Award. Non-attendance at the ceremony evening is a condition for the cancellation of the granting of the award, whatever the reason. In this case either the granting of the award is canceled definitively, or it is postponed to a later edition.

5 No financial contribution or application fee is required for participation in the selection process and to receive the award for the winners. However, a participation fee will be requested for attendance at the Gala evening, including the cocktail reception and final Gala dinner. One night’s accommodation is fully provided at a preferential price by the organization in the partner hotel of the European Hotel Awards.

6 The European Hotel Awards, in the form of a prestigious and honorary golden sculpture, honor each year the following categories: Check main Awards section

7The choice of the future winners is made in two ways: one by the board of the European Hotel Awards, the other by a selection made among all the applications received before the closing date of the selection before June 30 of the current year.

8Compliance with the rules, listed on this page, is strictly required. Any request for participation must be sincere and must reflect the real qualities of the hotels or people who participate as future winners. To be legitimate, requests for participation must be fully justified by the quality of the participants: hotels or individuals, in the categories present and validated in the rules of the European Hotel Awards.

European Hotel Awards for hotels, restaurants and spas.

• Hotel of the Year
• Historic Hotel of the Year
• Boutique Hotel of the Year*
• Green Award – Contribution to Sustainable Development*
• Hotel Restaurant of the Year
• Spa Hotel of the Year*
• Awards Special Art of Hospitality *
• Front Office Manager *

European Hotel Awards awarded on a personal basis.

• Hotel General Manager
• Hotel Manager*
• F&B Manager*
• Executive Chef of the Hotel Restaurant
• General Hotel Housekeeper*
• Millenium Recognition Award – Lifetime Achievement*

9 Other specific categories may be given* to honor contributors of excellence in hospitality, gastronomy, tourism and related activities. These exceptional categories are decided by the Board of the European Hotel Awards in special consultation.

* Are not given every year.

Application for participation in the European Hotel Awards

To participate in the next selection in one of the categories of the European Hotel Awards, please send your request using our contact page, we will send you a registration form. Don’t forget to mention the name of your hotel, restaurant or spa, as well as provide all your contact details.

Use our online contact page: Online Contact

N.B: The organization of the European Hotel Awards by References is completely independent of any state institution or other institutional organization, and does not call for funding or contributions from European institutions or state bodies of European countries. European Hotel Awards by References is a registered trademark ®… Basic Rules | European Hotel Awards – All rights reserved © – Copying or use of the specific rules of the European Hotel Awards, in whole or in part is forbidden.

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