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Institution / 15/12/2022

The Schaffner company is manufacturing the European Hotel Awards for our event. Made of a block of premium steel, elegantly hammered and patinated, the future award is covered with a layer of metallic gold by electrolysis. Once finalized, this gold bar represents a kind of giant jewel, 4 cm square and 20 cm high. Simple, upscale and symbol of high distinction, with the European Hotel Awards name embossed in the golden steel, on one side, and the original hallmark of Schaffner, on the other side, guaranteeing Schaffner fine craftsmanship and a signature of high value.

About Schaffner company

Schaffner company was founded in 1812 near Strasbourg. First a farrier, the generations have succeeded from father to son around the pleasure of the forge. After the Second World War and the arrival of industrialization, the Schaffner company had to adapt by working for industry and carrying out locksmithing works.

In the 1970s, Jean-Marc Schaffner brought his experience acquired through 7 years of Tour de France as a Compagnon du Devoir. It develops the manufacture of metal stairs, ramps and mechanically welded structures.

In 1995, the company moved and went from 500 m² to 3000 m². It specializes more and more in the design and manufacture of stairs of all types, metal carpentry and metal construction. The design office is equipped with Cao/Dao to be even more competitive.

Verriere du bar Vendome Ritz Paris © Schaffner

In the 2000s, Philippe and Vincent Schaffner in turn joined the company, they are the 7th generation of Metalworkers in the family. They respectively occupy the position of technical director and commercial director. They too have completed their Tour de France and are Compagnons du Devoir. The Schaffner company now has 50 employees, including 11 people in the design office, premises of 4000 m² with a show room of 150 m².

Stair handrail , Dior boutique, Cannes Croisette © Schaffner

Vincent Schaffner © Schaffner

It is certified Living Heritage Company and Company of the Historical Monuments Group. Recognized for its quality of work and its highly technical structures, its teams are required to work throughout France and around the world. The diversity of its projects is its strength, whether private or public tenders, starred hotels or restaurants, luxury boutiques or more ordinary brands, villas or mansions, monumental or decorative works. .

The Schaffner company works with the greatest architectural firms such Atelier COS-Hotel Ritz Paris and Château de Saran, Wilmotte & Associés-Mandarin Oriental Paris, Nicolas Michelin-National Library and University of Strasbourg or Peter Marino-Boutique Dior in Cannes among others.

Shop stainless steel ramp Dior London New Bond Street © Schaffner

Export currently represents 15% of its turnover, Paris 50%, Alsace 15%, the rest is spread over various projects in France. Its areas of development are Dubai, Qatar, the United States, England, Switzerland and the French Riviera. A well-deserved international success for this talented French company whose motto is: “Choosing Schaffner is choosing lasting quality and limitless design”.

Schaffner S.A.S

24, rue des Près B.P. 30 Duppigheim 67129 Molsheim Cedex
Tel.: +33 3 88 49 11 56
Fax: +33 3 88 49 15 47
Internet: www.schaffner .fr

Monumental staircase in the atrium of the National and University Library of Strasbourg © BNU Strasbourg

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