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The team of Références Hôteliers Restaurateurs magazine

A.Jérôme Chapman, publisher and founder of the European Hotel Awards

After obtaining his high school diploma, he learned for several years in law at the University in France, he lived for several years in the English West Indies and 4 years in the United States, traveling mainly between New York, Tucson and Los Angeles, while developing his experience in sales, luxury events, multimedia publishing and niche marketing. Thus, after having been in charge of the development of the special sections of a local daily newspaper in France, he created various international press media dedicated to tourism, luxury hotels and gastronomy and also participated as manager of co-production to radio programs on the same domain. In coordination with several managing directors of European luxury hotels, he launched the prestigious European Hotel Awards. High-end distinctions created to honor the quality of 4 and 5-star hotels in Europe and to highlight general managers, F&B directors, independent hoteliers, but also all hotel staff who contribute to providing customers with real quality of service.

Marie-Christiane Courtioux – Grand Reporter, independent press correspondent

Marie-Christiane Courtioux-Icre was born in Gironde. After studying journalism in Bordeaux, she made her debut at ORTF Bordeaux Aquitaine, then in the South-West, before exercising all facets of the profession: radio, reporter, presenter, food columnist and editor-in-chief for twenty-six years at RMC in Monaco. Past-President Press Club of Bordeaux and Co-Founder of City Magazine in Monte-Carlo , EPI Communication Monaco, Marie-Christiane collaborates with Mediactuelles and Radio Ethic Monaco-France. She is also the author of a book on gastronomy, such as Caviar de France, and also provides editorial guidelines for the Références Hôteliers Restaurateurs magazine since 2006, including interviews and reports of celebrities from world gastronomy.
Links: See Articles by Marie-Christiane Courtioux.

Michèle Villemur – Author and journalist, independent press correspondent.

Michèle Villemur is a culinary journalist and a diplomat’s wife. She is the author of some thirty gastronomy books . Passionate about history, meetings, cooking, she is committed to the values ​​of sharing. Former general curator of the International Fair of the gourmet book of Périgueux (2008-2010), she is also delegate Paris-Ile-de-France with the APCIG (professional chroniclers of the gastronomy and the wine). In 2011, she is made Knight of Arts and Letters and Knight of Agricultural Merit . Michèle Villemur is also a speaker and ensures some beautiful editorials of the magazine Références Restaurateurs Hoteliers from 2008 to 2023. Links: See Michèle Villemur’s Articles

Press correspondents, freelancers and other collaborators

Silke Peust, freelance journalist specializing in tourism, oenology and wine . Silke Peust, member of the Association of German Sommellerie, based in Lübeck (Germany), participates, as press correspondent, in the editorial lines of the magazine References for all reports on wine. She is responsible for publishing the site References Restaurateurs Restaurateurs in German language.

Hilton Sherman, freelance journalist specializing in tourism and fine dining Hilton Sherman participates as a freelance journalist in the editorial lines of References magazine for all hotel and gastronomy reports.

Bernard Deloupy – Independent Press Correspondent, former Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Figaro Magazine Provence Alpes Cote d’Azur and the Mediterranean Express . he has a know-how in corporate communication: Editorial strategy of internal press, design-writing of articles and professional documents, formatting of files, animation of debates, Master of Ceremony of conventions, realization of WebTV broadcasts, media-training …. And collaborates with the magazine References for 7 years (Agence Deloupy & Co).
Links: See Bernard Deloupy’s Articles .

Liana Marabini, art historian, specializing in the ancient culinary art. Liana Marabini is also an author, publisher and producer of films for the television. With always the same theme: the old gastronomy. A specialization that earned him worldwide fame. In Monaco, in her bookshop Scripta Manent, she collects ancient books and manuscripts unique in the world.
Links: See Articles by Liana Marabini

Patrick Flet and Brigitte Brunot, independent journalists, specialized in tourism and gastronomy. Patrick Flet and Brigitte Brunot, Coloredo Agency, participated as freelance freelancers in the first editorial lines of the magazine References of the Year 2000 to 2004.

Cyril Demazis, freelance journalist specializing in tourism and gastronomy in Canada Cyril Demazis, participates as an independent journalist in the editorial line of References for Canada magazine .

Emperatriz Mina, EMP company, independent journalist, specialized in tourism and gastronomy in the Latin countries Emperatriz Mina, participated as an independent journalist with editorial lines of the magazine References for Spanish-speaking countries.

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