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Guillaume Gomez Toque of the year 2014 © P.Segrette

Guillaume Gomez, President of the Chefs of the French Republic

Guillaume Gomez is the cuisine chef who led the brigade at the Élysée (2013-2021). This best worker in France, who entered the presidential palace for his military service, rose through the ranks until he reached this highly prized position. At the age of 25, he won the title of best worker in France. He is thus the first to wear the famous tricolor collar so young. In November 2013, Guillaume Gomez took over the reins of the great kitchens of the Faubourg-Saint-Honoré palace. In charge of meals for the President of the Republic and official dinners with other Heads of State, he was appointed United Nations ambassador to promote PGIs, Protected Geographical Indications. This is not his first distinction since the chef also received the prize for French influence in the field of gastronomy. Godfather of the Fête de la Gastronomie, co-president of Euro-Toques France with the great chef Michel Roth, Guillaume Gomez was also named Toque of the Year in 2014.

“I accept with pleasure the permanent Honorary Presidency
of the presentation of the “European Hotels Awards by References”

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